Turkish Byki Deluxe

Learn 2500 Turkish words and phrases
before you know it.

  • Learn Turkish Before You Know It

    Learn 2000 critical words and 500 phrases in Turkish with an easy, addictive, and lightning-fast 3-step process. Play games, perfect your accent with native speaker sound, test yourself, and take your learning with you on MP3 audio.

    Learn a language Fast. Know It Forever with BYKI Deluxe.


    Windows Requirements: XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
    Mac Requirements:: OS 10.3.9 or higher
  • Byki Knows You

    Most products take a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching languages.

    Byki provides a personalized path to success based on your own strengths and weaknesses. It recognizes the material you learn quickly and takes note of those items that give you more trouble. Byki then maximizes the time you dedicate to language learning by focusing your efforts on the items that you find more challenging, without wasting your time on those you learn with ease.

    Preview in your new language

    Byki Learning Level One

    Recognize it in English and your new language

    Byki Learning Step 2

    Recognize it in your new language

    Byki Learning Level 3

    Produce It

    Byki Learning Level 4
  • Take Byki on the Go

    More than just software, Byki comes with a full set of features for learning away from your computer. BykiPod MP3 audio files work with your iPod, smartphone, or other MP3 player. Printable flash cards let you take your learning on the go and learn Turkish anywhere.

    Once you finish learning the 2000 words and 500 phrases included in Byki Deluxe, you can keep using Byki to learn any content you can imagine. Create vocabulary lists from textbooks or dictionaries. Study key phrases you find in articles, videos, or the web. The possibilities are endless for creating your own Byki lists.
  • Secret Memory Hack

    Experts agree that the most important part of learning a language is rapidly building a foundation of word and phrase knowledge. Byki is the fastest, most direct path to that goal — it “hacks” into your memory and fills it with foreign words and phrases.

    Three Fast Easy Steps

    Whereas traditional learning methods spread their learning out across a multitude of lessons and activities, Byki gets right down to business with a proven three step process:
    1. 1. Byki guides you through a review of the Turkish material you will learn.
    2. 2. Byki teaches you to recognize the written and spoken forms of each word.
    3. 3. Finally, you express yourself in Turkish by speaking or writing it on your own.
    In just your first session, the Byki 3-step process will teach you 100 critical Quickstart phrases for use in common, real-life situations.

    Test Yourself

    Intelligent Refresh

    Maybe you've studied Turkish or another language before. If so, do you remember everything you learned? Using Byki ensures that you'll keep everything you learn in your long-term memory, forever. As you use the three step process, Byki will keep track of what you learn and use its Intelligent Refresh system to help you review the items you might forget along the way.
  • Free Turkish 101

    Turkish 101Buy Byki Turkish and we'll send you the links to download Turkish 101 for your iPhone, iPad, Droid, or Mac and PC. Turkish 101 is a perfect introduction to Turkish. Our native Turkish speakers will teach you 101 beginning Turkish words and phrases lightning fast.

Turkish Byki Deluxe

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