Portable French

Learn French Anywhere and Anytime.

  • Learn to speak, understand, read, and write over 600 French Words and Phrases on your Mac or PC, iPod, iPhone or Droid, iPad, or television.

    Three discs with over four hours of native French instruction.

    Two DVDs with over four hours of video instruction with native male and female French speakers
    One CD with over 600 MP4 and MP3 files for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Droid, and other portable players. Include bonus SpeakMore software for Mac and PC.

    Take your French on the go.

    Portable French includes a phrase booklet with the same 600-plus French words and phrases. Take this booklet on your travels or use it as a handy reference guide while you watch and learn the videos.

    Bonus SpeakMore Software

    Portable French DVD includes bonus SpeakMore Software for Mac and PC.
  • Two DVDs with over 600 spoken words and phrases.

    Native male and female French speakers teach you to correctly pronounce over 600 commonly used French words and phrases in over 30 categories including Greetings, Polite Conversation, Shopping, At the Hotel, and At the Restaurant.

    SpeakMore Software

    Based on the time-tested method of flash cards, SpeakMore French turns your PC or Mac into your very own classroom. SpeakMore Software is included in your Portable French DVD series. Learn 600 French words and phrases lightning-fast.

    Portable Video and Audio

    Got an iPhone? Droid? iPod? iPad? Watch and learn on your smartphone or portable player. We've included over 600 words and phrases as small video and audio files so you can transfer them to your smartphone or portable video device. Learn French on the go.

    Portable French Phrasebook

    Portable French includes a handy colorful phrasebook with all the French words and phrases included along with their English translations.
  • Learn on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Droid.

    When you purchase the DVD, you automatically receive a free link to download the video files in digital format. These files will work on an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Droid, or any other portable video player. If you don't need the DVD, you can purchase and download these files separately.
  • Bonus SpeakMore Software

    When you purchase the DVD, you also receive a free copy of SpeakMore French software. SpeakMore software, based on the Byki language learning system, is a fantastic way to learn over 600 essentials words and phrases. Based on the time-tested method of flash cards, SpeakMore French turns your PC or Mac into your very own classroom.

    Three Learning Steps with SpeakMore Software

    1. Preview It.

    First, you will see an English word or phrase along with its target word equivalent. You will also hear a native speaker speak the target language word. In this step, your goal is to merely preview each word. You can repeat words and phrases as many times as you'd like.

    2. Recognize It.

    You see the word in the target language and then have to supply the word in English. If you are correct, you move to the next word. If you are wrong, you can repeat the word until you get it right.

    3. Produce It.

    See the word in English and then you either speak or write the word in the target language. Do it correctly and you've Produced the word.

    Watch a Five Minute Video to Learn More

  • Preview Portable French

    In this short video, you can learn common French Greetings. Portable French includes over 600 French words and phrases.

    Portable French includes two DVDs with video quality far superior to what you see here on YouTube. It also includes over 600 individual video files which you can load in any order or quantity onto your iPad, iPhone, Droid, or other player. And, of course, it includes the bonus SpeakMore French software and a Portable French booklet.

Portable French

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